26 Jan

Cutest Puppy Videos

One way that I like to spend time on the internet is looking a videos on YouTube of other people’s cute little puppies. Of course, it makes me want to go out and get a few of my own, like I need that! Here are some of my current favorites that I’ve seen on YouTube:

18 Jan


In order to welcome a new member and start a life your life with him you will need to make a list of essential supplies for your puppy. Things like a good vacuum for dog hair are some items you might forget to include. The checklist must have the follows:

Crate or Soft-sided Puppy Carrier: Crates are a great way to keep your puppy safe and effective in giving him potty training. It helps the dog to stay away from danger in your absence. Wire dog crates can even be adjusted in case your dog grows fast.

Carriers are a good way to bring your puppy home and to carry him anywhere along with you. The carriers can be adjusted in your car back seat and will be helpful in taking him to veterinarian or other places. Buy a colorful carrier according to your breed and accessorize it if you like.

Gates: Gates are a good way to keep your new puppy out of trouble. It takes time for the puppy to know your house and grow up to properly move up and down the stairs. For that time being gates are helpful and provide safety to the puppy as well as keep your child safe if you have one. Buy baby gates and not iron gates as it can harm the puppy.

Bowls: Choose two bowls for your puppy, according to their size, one for food and the other for water not necessarily of the same capacity. The bowls should be of good quality, preferably stainless steel, so that they do not let bacteria build on them and is easy to clean. You can print the name of your puppy to make it look good.

Collars and Leash: Collars are necessary for puppy especially the new untrained ones to train them, take them to walk and even to get identified. For puppy leather or flat fabric collars should be used till 5 months but later when they grow you can use fancy choke collars. You can add names and even phone number on it. Make sure the collars are adjustable.

Leash are even a good way to keep puppy under control during the period of training but constant watch is required as they are long and the puppy can go far.

Grooming Tool: Grooming is important on the part of both as it blocks the bond between the owner and the puppy. Initially use soft bristle brush and later use the slicker one. Hairy breeds needs good grooming otherwise their hair becomes matted and get tangled which causes infestation of fleas and infection.

Food: It is very important to choose the correct food for your puppy. Good quality food having proteins and vitamins along with other organic stuff is needed by puppy to grow healthy. Later you can switch over the food according to his size and necessity to his health.

Toys: Puppy new to surroundings can play with toys and reduce stress. A chewy toy, like chewy doggie bones can help them play with when you are not at home and at the same time will also help clear off plaque.

16 Jan


A puppy, especially 3-12 weeks old are more open to new changes and learn things than older one as they get cautious. Socialize means to gel in with your surroundings and people present their. You need to make sure that your puppy socializes with other people, their pets and others in surrounding. They might get frightened or react not accordingly. Be calm and train your dog to socialize. In the beginning your puppy may not get used to with the people in your surrounding and might jump or get frightened on petty things but eventually he will get used to the faces and society.

Importance of Socializing

Making your puppy socialized is necessary so that they don’t panic and react absurdly in front of your friends and relatives. It will be easier to take them out with you if he is comfortable with different surroundings. When they are well socialized they tend to enjoy with others company even and feel relax with people you are close with. If they are properly taught to socialize they won’t get aggressive, react on every sound or get stressed about. This would make you’re puppy and you come close to each other, enjoy each others company as well as enjoy with others company.

Need to Socialize

You need to make your puppy socialize because it won’t be troublesome thing to take him with you whenever you go out. Leaving them at home is not always a feasible option. Not socializing would make your puppy anxious and sometimes depressed.

How to Socialize

Start the socializing process by making him meet your friends and relatives at home. Meeting new people at home affects puppy differently than straight away going out and meeting people.

Teach him specific gestures and words to respond to in front of others and if he does follow reward him to encourage him. This will make the process easier. Try to correct your puppy if he growls or jump.

Make him feel comfortable by being by his side, but not constantly, while making him socializes with others.

Don’t get too loud or shout in front of him. This might disturb the puppy and make him aggressive even.

Take a step ahead and let him meet your friend’s dog and teach him to socialize with them. If he barks on seeing other dog makes him turn around and sit to make him calm down. It might take more than one or two meetings to make your pup fully acquainted with other’s pet.

Take him to puppy classes to interact with other puppies and their owner to socialize.

Enjoy the process throughout as you even tend to learn socializing with other pets and their owner.

Do remember to vaccinate your puppy before taking him out and making him socialize with your surrounding.

Keep your dog trainer’s number on your phone (may be in your speed dial even) to call in case of urgent times when puppy is not able to calm down.

15 Jan


For your new puppy your home is a complete new place away from his shelter home and mates. So you need to help your puppy to get accustomed to the new place and get a good night sleep. Here are few points which would help you both sleeps at night without making a fuss and enjoying each others company.

Requirements for night sleep: You should make a check list of things needed by your puppy to have a comfortable sleep. A warm mat, a ticking clock with rhythmic sound, a puppy pillow and a blanket are few things you can add to the list.

Fix a Place:In the beginning choose a place for your puppy and set things for him there or if you like you can allow your puppy to choose a place but it takes training and time to let him make decision. Make sure to make him sleep on the designated place from the very first night. This will make puppy familiar to his place and he can have a good sleep.

Get a crate: If you want your puppy to sleep in a crate then add cushions to it to make it cozy for him to sleep and make arrangements to be sure about his safety at night. If he is not trained to sleep in crate you will have to put rewards in there or use some loving gesture to make him sleep in it. Correct him to not let him get any bad habit.

Exercise: Dogs are an active animal and needs workouts and exercise everyday. Know your breed as need of exercising per day depends upon the breed. It does not matter with size. A tired and exhausted dog needs good time for resting and may soon doze off to sleep.

Food: Dog gets their energy from their food which is different and the nutrition caters to their body needs. They get a lot of energy after eating. So try to feed him early at night. After night meals make him relieve himself. You can also take him for a brief walk in your lawn or in your locality before making him sleep.

Points to remember: Don’t allow the puppy to come into your bedroom uninvited and teach him with specific gesture or words to allow him to sleep with you in your bedroom. Don’t move him after he gets into sleep. Don’t make your dog sleep at day time or else he will be deprived of sleep at night. Make sure that your puppy is comfortable and this doesn’t mean you will stay all night up checking on him. Don’t panic and make both of you get good sleep. Always remember to be kind and patient with your puppy.

14 Jan


Leash training a puppy is important for both you and puppy. It provides security to your puppy and at the same time you get comfortable knowing that your puppy is safe and protected. Every dog should know how to walk on leash and behave specially in areas of great distraction. Teaching a puppy is easier than a grown up one. Thus, here are some tips to start on immediately with leash training your puppy.

Collars: New puppy needs a collar especially during training period. Buy a flat fabric or leather collar with metal buckle for them. The puppy tends to grow fast so either you buy inexpensive one or an adjustable one.

Leash: Use nylon made soft, non-pulling leather leash so that your puppy don’t try to pull themselves ahead or on the either side during training and walk in the same motion. This tool helps them to self train themselves not to pull.

Backyard or House Lawn: With new puppy it is better to train them at backyard or the house lawn or courtyard as they tends to get less distracted and can focus on their training.

Sniff: Before starting the training make your puppy sniff or smell the collar and leash so that it get accustomed to them but don’t allow them to chew it.

Heel Position: The puppy should walk on one side at knee level, known as heel position. The standard side is left but it is not that important in the beginning. Keep your leash a little loose so that it is not too tight for the puppy to pull themselves. Keep the pace with them and focus on making him walk nicely by your side without dragging or pulling.

Rewards: Try using small rewards to make them understand they are doing their job efficiently. Make him focus on the reward, use specific words and talk to him in a manner he understands you. Keep the rewards in front of them or near their nose for not allowing them to jump for the reward. Allow them to walk a little and then make them sit to reward them. It is good to reward them to communicate the love and appreciation but don’t spoil their habit by rewarding them too mush. It should be given on intervals.

Repeat: Repeat the walk along with making him sit at intervals and rewarding him. Use words like “go”, “sit”, “heel” and others to make them understand the proper way or reacting outside.

Turning: When they gets used to leash walking, work on their turnings. The puppy should know to turn perfectly on either side without getting distracted. Reward them to encourage them.

To the next level: when you are sure that your puppy is trained to walk properly on leash and take turns, you take them out to a distracting place like park, path outside house or walk in your locality to make sure their leash walking is perfect even outside the comfort level.

13 Jan


House Breaking can be a stressful affair for some making you nervous but with an organized schedule and proper training the process becomes easier and less stressful. Here are some tips on dos and don’ts on housebreaking your puppy.

Know your dog: Puppies when come to your house they don’t know which the right place is and which is not. A 6 weeks puppy must get some training from the former shelter but still they are knew to your place and don’t know your house rules. You need to keep patience and try to understand your puppy, breed and size matters. Straight from the very beginning stay disciplined and starts training your puppy. You should not ignore any of their bad habit.

Digestive System: Dogs digestive system is very efficient and they need to defecate within half an hour of their intake. So you need to keep that much time in hand and be prepared to take them out. Smaller breed needs to go more times as compared to the bigger ones because of their small digestive system. Thus you need to be more careful with the small ones. The bigger breeds are much obedient and follow rules quicker.

Assign a fixed spot outside the house: Before bringing the puppy home make sure to find a fixed spot for your puppy outside your house so that after his arrival to can immediately start on with the housebreaking training. Being organized from the very first day matters a lot through out the training process. Always take your puppy to the same spot so that he will know the place and get familiar with it.

Chalk out a Schedule: Chalk out a schedule and follow it religiously. This way the puppy would know at what to time to defecate and when not to. Early in the morning, after meal and before going to bed are the most crucial time. Other than that it depends upon the breed.

Follow same pattern: Be consistent with the path and words. Use the same words to house break them and every time use a specific and same path to take him outside. This would help him to learn easily, not make a mess and get into any bad habit. You can even make a flap door and train him to use it while going out.

Don’t panic: It is equally important for you to be calm and patient. Dogs are good learner and gets through with everything easily but you need to give them time. Don’t panic or hurry or shout while teaching him and taking him out.

Reward your puppy: After going through the process reward your puppy, nothing lavish but a sweet gesture to show them your appreciation on doing the job well. This will make him know that he is doing the right thing and encourage him to follow the rules more quickly. Don’t punish them or shout on them.

Remember: Watch your dog constantly during training period as they tend to catch bad habit of pooping in the house. Dogs stick to their routine so you even need to follow the routine with equal dedication till he gets fully trained to do things on his own.

12 Jan


It’s exciting to get a wardrobe full of dresses for your puppy. Though it is necessary but during winter times or when it is chilly outside, a sweatshirt or a dress can help him remain warm and all cozy. You may buy dress for your puppy but it may not fit him the next week because of their constant growth for a specific period. It can be an expensive affair. Not to worry, you can make clothes for your puppy from your old or your baby’s clothes. This would make them get your smell and feel comfortable even. Before making them a dress you need to know few points to get them an appropriate dress.

Measurement of your puppy: Take the measurement of your puppy round the neck to check whether the neck of the tee is suitable for your puppy, chest and at arms.

Measurement of the t-shirt: Mark the measurement along the shirts to check whether it is suitable or needed to be tightened. Make sure to keep the neck a little loose so that puppy doesn’t feel choked.

Cut Out: Cut out the sleeves along the seam so as to make them fit comfortably and they don’t feel uneasy. Cut at the bottom of the tee depending upon your puppy’s torso, if it is too long for your puppy.

Length: Make sure that the dress fits him well and is of correct size. Make arrangements keeping in mind it must not be fussy at time of relieving himself.

Sew: After getting the appropriate measure and cut the extras out, sew them along the edges in a pattern to make them look tidy.

Accessorize: You can further accessorize the tee by adding buttons, bows or other fancy stuffs or paint it even. You can add fancy shining stuff to it to make it glitzy and look fashionable. Your star has its own dress now.

With small size puppy you can also use socks or sleeves of tees. With bigger ones you will need your tee. Make the dress in such a manner that it is comfortable for your puppy and makes him look cute and adorable. You can make some for specific occasions or event or according to your puppy’s favorite color.

11 Jan


Adopting a puppy is like having your own child. Bringing him home might become one of the most exciting and memorable moments of your lives. The puppy equally needs equipments as in case of arrival of a baby. A puppy is like a year old baby, thus things needed to be kept away from his reach. When you know you need a puppy you need to make some changes in your life, need to make room for a new member in your family and house cleaning is the best way to start with.

The floors should be clean and things should be kept out of his reach. It is time when you have to apart from few things like candles, small showpiece, candy jars, cigarette case and others. Fancy things would catch his attention and might let him into trouble. Sharp objects needed to be taken care of. They can prove dangerous to your puppy.

Things changes with his entry in the house. You need to be more careful with keeping things like paper bags, purse, cell phones, your accessories and other petty things which can later get both of you into trouble.

Provide your puppy with baby gates, and not iron gates, so that it would be equally safe for your puppy and your kid (if you have one) or even otherwise be safe for the puppy. Keep the stairs or sharp edges blocked until puppy is groomed enough to know to protect himself. You can even decorate or add on few fancy things on the occasion of arrival of your new member.

It may be a day memorable and exciting for you to bring your bundle of joy home but for the puppy it is going away from his mother, mates and shelter home to a new and different surrounding. You need to be calm and help puppy not to get too depressed or feel out of place. The beginning of his exciting new life may be a stressful one, so keep it a private affair including family members only. Get a crate a size bigger than his size to drive him to home or you can also wrap a blanket around him while bringing him home.

Dogs are good at adapting and get over with things but you need to make an extra effort to speed up the transition process with care and love. Make him feel comfortable and talk to him. Make him eat and more importantly drink water so as not to get dehydrated and allow his crate in your room at night to make him feel secure.

The reason for your happiness, your puppy is in the home and make sure to make this transition period, from new member to a member, a memorable one.

10 Jan


Dog is the best companion a human can have. Adopting a puppy is equally same as bringing a new member, specifically a kid, to home. And if the puppy is less than 8 weeks old like a 6 weeks old puppy, it requires great care from the part of the owner. During the first 6-8 weeks puppy generally should stay with their mother. The puppies need proper nourishment and weaning which can be provided by their mother. But with some breed, by 6 weeks, the puppies are weaned and can start eating on their own only if they have been getting proper nourishment. In such case the owner should be experienced or must consult an efficient dog trainer. The owner should get a detailed knowledge from the breeder about its nourishment and development made by the puppy in the 6 weeks. The situation is equally vulnerable for both the puppy and the owner if they are not being able to adjust with each other.

Feeding your Puppy

It is very important on the part of the pet owners to know the breed (small, medium or large) of dog they adopted and the type of nutrition suitable for them. Choose the best brand suited for your breed under the guidance of the veterinarian. The best food for puppy, generally, is a food having good balance of protein, calcium and calories. A 6 week puppy is small to go on a complete solid food diet. Ask the breeder about the puppy’s previous diet and try to provide him food of that brand eventually switching to your own preferred brand. This way the puppy would not have trouble adjusting in a new environment. So make gruel by blending kibble or suitable food with goat’s milk and feed 3 to 4 times a day, gradually decreasing the amount of milk to make him adapt to solid food without affecting his health. Cow’s milk is a big no for puppies as they tend to get diarrhea. Also make your puppy drink plenty of fresh water to keep him healthy and hydrated.

Shots required at this Age:

A 6 to 8 week puppy requires first puppy shot (vaccine) for:

Hepatitis, a viral disease of liver

Distemper, an airborne viral disease

Parvovirus, a viral disease of intestine

Leptospirosis, a bacterial disease of urinary tract

Para-influenza, infectious bronchitis, and

Corona, viral disease of intestine

Vaccine for rabies is not recommended before 3 to 4 months. A puppy should be dewormed and treated for fleas, if having one, and taken to his veterinarian on a periodic basis.

Expected Puppy Behavior

At the age of 6 weeks, a newly brought puppy might take time to adjust in the new environment and undergo diarrhea or stomach upset or feel lonely. The regular brand of food for few days may help him overcome diarrhea. Finding him a playmate, like an older dog already in your home, can even solve his problem of feeling lonely. The 6 week puppy still has the habit of biting and needs to be taught inhibition with extra care and patience. The puppy needed to be taught not to harm himself/herself.

9 Jan


Naming your puppy is the most significant and fun part of bringing your bundle of joy home. The thought of having a puppy, a companion is quite enticing. It is quite important for both of you to properly christen your puppy. The name should not be too queer or funny. It should go with the image of your puppy and he/she should be comfortable with it and like it. Know your breed properly and pick a suitable name. The name should be easy going, using one or two syllable.

People even like to give famous and inspirational name to their pup to make their life equally enlightened and renowned but it is not that necessary that giving them legendary name would make them famous. They are still the most important part of your life and are a rockstar for you.

Giving your dog a cartoon character name is mostly fun and loved by children. It makes them look cuter. Few people want to give their puppy a different and interesting name. It is a good idea indeed but keeps in mind not to make it too peculiar. Sharing the name of a celebrity dog is even a trend nowadays which you can follow if you are a big fan of some celebrity.

Pick whichever name but make sure that it connects you with your puppy and leaves a remark in both your lives. Here are some cute and popular puppy names (in no particular order) which you can choose from for your male or female puppy.

Popular Male Puppy Names










































Jack Sparrow




Popular Female Puppy Names

































Enjoy the process of naming your puppy.