8 Jan


People like breed according to their lifestyle, which suits them the best. There are a lot of breed to be seen every where in parks and your locality. Amongst these breeds some rule to become the most popular. Hence let us get a look of the popular breeds of 2014.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever has constantly been the most popular breed for years, toping the charts. They are a perfect choice to fit in family and to groom. They are intelligent, patient, can bear harsh conditions, friendly, strong and not lazy. Their canines are well suited to his personality of a hunter and tracker. It is good at doing task and swimming. Thus, overall an ideal dog for a loving family.

German Shepherd

German Shepherd has also consistently been the favorite amongst folks. The pointed ear dog is very intelligent, hard working, loyal and a perfect watch dog. They are patient and good with kids and love to protect his family. They are very active and high sensitive power.

Golden Retriever

Cousins of Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever are a must for a family looking for intelligent, well groomed dog with a personality. They are equally loyal, intelligent, hardworking and enthusiastic like their Canadian cousins. Their long fluffy golden coat makes them a pleasure to the eye and fun to be with.


Beagles are cute, floppy eared breed of dogs which are loving and a sure fit in any family. They are fun loving, family dog and need regular exercise.

Bull Dog

Bull Dog is so cute that their owner takes pride in showing them off and accepts them as style statement. They are calm, easily fit in a family, fun loving, gentle and have its own personality.


They are extremely cute, loving and gentle breeds like a baby. They are easy going and mix with people. They are famous amongst people and due to their fun loving nature people mostly end up having more that one.


Boxer is a choice of much family because of their cuteness and fun loving nature. They are great with kids and love being around people. They are loyal and protective about their family.


Poodles are such breed which does not require much grooming and maintenance. They come in different sizes from toy sized to standard ones. They have special hairs instead of fur which make them hypo-allergic and a great choice for people prone to allergy. They are caring, loving, active and great hunters. They love to play, get trained and mix with people.


Rottweiler was not much popular in past but since lat few years it has become deservingly popular among dog lovers. These family lovers are strong, intelligent, great working dogs, loyal and gentle. These giants posses kind heart and is a lovable family dog. They are great watch dogs even.


They are the cutest little breed making a great and consistent companion. They are short in height but are very inquisitive, intelligent, firm and loyal. They are fun to be with and give you a warm loving satisfaction