18 Jan


In order to welcome a new member and start a life your life with him you will need to make a list of essential supplies for your puppy. Things like a good vacuum for dog hair are some items you might forget to include. The checklist must have the follows:

Crate or Soft-sided Puppy Carrier: Crates are a great way to keep your puppy safe and effective in giving him potty training. It helps the dog to stay away from danger in your absence. Wire dog crates can even be adjusted in case your dog grows fast.

Carriers are a good way to bring your puppy home and to carry him anywhere along with you. The carriers can be adjusted in your car back seat and will be helpful in taking him to veterinarian or other places. Buy a colorful carrier according to your breed and accessorize it if you like.

Gates: Gates are a good way to keep your new puppy out of trouble. It takes time for the puppy to know your house and grow up to properly move up and down the stairs. For that time being gates are helpful and provide safety to the puppy as well as keep your child safe if you have one. Buy baby gates and not iron gates as it can harm the puppy.

Bowls: Choose two bowls for your puppy, according to their size, one for food and the other for water not necessarily of the same capacity. The bowls should be of good quality, preferably stainless steel, so that they do not let bacteria build on them and is easy to clean. You can print the name of your puppy to make it look good.

Collars and Leash: Collars are necessary for puppy especially the new untrained ones to train them, take them to walk and even to get identified. For puppy leather or flat fabric collars should be used till 5 months but later when they grow you can use fancy choke collars. You can add names and even phone number on it. Make sure the collars are adjustable.

Leash are even a good way to keep puppy under control during the period of training but constant watch is required as they are long and the puppy can go far.

Grooming Tool: Grooming is important on the part of both as it blocks the bond between the owner and the puppy. Initially use soft bristle brush and later use the slicker one. Hairy breeds needs good grooming otherwise their hair becomes matted and get tangled which causes infestation of fleas and infection.

Food: It is very important to choose the correct food for your puppy. Good quality food having proteins and vitamins along with other organic stuff is needed by puppy to grow healthy. Later you can switch over the food according to his size and necessity to his health.

Toys: Puppy new to surroundings can play with toys and reduce stress. A chewy toy, like chewy doggie bones can help them play with when you are not at home and at the same time will also help clear off plaque.

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