11 Jan


Adopting a puppy is like having your own child. Bringing him home might become one of the most exciting and memorable moments of your lives. The puppy equally needs equipments as in case of arrival of a baby. A puppy is like a year old baby, thus things needed to be kept away from his reach. When you know you need a puppy you need to make some changes in your life, need to make room for a new member in your family and house cleaning is the best way to start with.

The floors should be clean and things should be kept out of his reach. It is time when you have to apart from few things like candles, small showpiece, candy jars, cigarette case and others. Fancy things would catch his attention and might let him into trouble. Sharp objects needed to be taken care of. They can prove dangerous to your puppy.

Things changes with his entry in the house. You need to be more careful with keeping things like paper bags, purse, cell phones, your accessories and other petty things which can later get both of you into trouble.

Provide your puppy with baby gates, and not iron gates, so that it would be equally safe for your puppy and your kid (if you have one) or even otherwise be safe for the puppy. Keep the stairs or sharp edges blocked until puppy is groomed enough to know to protect himself. You can even decorate or add on few fancy things on the occasion of arrival of your new member.

It may be a day memorable and exciting for you to bring your bundle of joy home but for the puppy it is going away from his mother, mates and shelter home to a new and different surrounding. You need to be calm and help puppy not to get too depressed or feel out of place. The beginning of his exciting new life may be a stressful one, so keep it a private affair including family members only. Get a crate a size bigger than his size to drive him to home or you can also wrap a blanket around him while bringing him home.

Dogs are good at adapting and get over with things but you need to make an extra effort to speed up the transition process with care and love. Make him feel comfortable and talk to him. Make him eat and more importantly drink water so as not to get dehydrated and allow his crate in your room at night to make him feel secure.

The reason for your happiness, your puppy is in the home and make sure to make this transition period, from new member to a member, a memorable one.

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