12 Jan


It’s exciting to get a wardrobe full of dresses for your puppy. Though it is necessary but during winter times or when it is chilly outside, a sweatshirt or a dress can help him remain warm and all cozy. You may buy dress for your puppy but it may not fit him the next week because of their constant growth for a specific period. It can be an expensive affair. Not to worry, you can make clothes for your puppy from your old or your baby’s clothes. This would make them get your smell and feel comfortable even. Before making them a dress you need to know few points to get them an appropriate dress.

Measurement of your puppy: Take the measurement of your puppy round the neck to check whether the neck of the tee is suitable for your puppy, chest and at arms.

Measurement of the t-shirt: Mark the measurement along the shirts to check whether it is suitable or needed to be tightened. Make sure to keep the neck a little loose so that puppy doesn’t feel choked.

Cut Out: Cut out the sleeves along the seam so as to make them fit comfortably and they don’t feel uneasy. Cut at the bottom of the tee depending upon your puppy’s torso, if it is too long for your puppy.

Length: Make sure that the dress fits him well and is of correct size. Make arrangements keeping in mind it must not be fussy at time of relieving himself.

Sew: After getting the appropriate measure and cut the extras out, sew them along the edges in a pattern to make them look tidy.

Accessorize: You can further accessorize the tee by adding buttons, bows or other fancy stuffs or paint it even. You can add fancy shining stuff to it to make it glitzy and look fashionable. Your star has its own dress now.

With small size puppy you can also use socks or sleeves of tees. With bigger ones you will need your tee. Make the dress in such a manner that it is comfortable for your puppy and makes him look cute and adorable. You can make some for specific occasions or event or according to your puppy’s favorite color.

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