13 Jan


House Breaking can be a stressful affair for some making you nervous but with an organized schedule and proper training the process becomes easier and less stressful. Here are some tips on dos and don’ts on housebreaking your puppy.

Know your dog: Puppies when come to your house they don’t know which the right place is and which is not. A 6 weeks puppy must get some training from the former shelter but still they are knew to your place and don’t know your house rules. You need to keep patience and try to understand your puppy, breed and size matters. Straight from the very beginning stay disciplined and starts training your puppy. You should not ignore any of their bad habit.

Digestive System: Dogs digestive system is very efficient and they need to defecate within half an hour of their intake. So you need to keep that much time in hand and be prepared to take them out. Smaller breed needs to go more times as compared to the bigger ones because of their small digestive system. Thus you need to be more careful with the small ones. The bigger breeds are much obedient and follow rules quicker.

Assign a fixed spot outside the house: Before bringing the puppy home make sure to find a fixed spot for your puppy outside your house so that after his arrival to can immediately start on with the housebreaking training. Being organized from the very first day matters a lot through out the training process. Always take your puppy to the same spot so that he will know the place and get familiar with it.

Chalk out a Schedule: Chalk out a schedule and follow it religiously. This way the puppy would know at what to time to defecate and when not to. Early in the morning, after meal and before going to bed are the most crucial time. Other than that it depends upon the breed.

Follow same pattern: Be consistent with the path and words. Use the same words to house break them and every time use a specific and same path to take him outside. This would help him to learn easily, not make a mess and get into any bad habit. You can even make a flap door and train him to use it while going out.

Don’t panic: It is equally important for you to be calm and patient. Dogs are good learner and gets through with everything easily but you need to give them time. Don’t panic or hurry or shout while teaching him and taking him out.

Reward your puppy: After going through the process reward your puppy, nothing lavish but a sweet gesture to show them your appreciation on doing the job well. This will make him know that he is doing the right thing and encourage him to follow the rules more quickly. Don’t punish them or shout on them.

Remember: Watch your dog constantly during training period as they tend to catch bad habit of pooping in the house. Dogs stick to their routine so you even need to follow the routine with equal dedication till he gets fully trained to do things on his own.

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