15 Jan


For your new puppy your home is a complete new place away from his shelter home and mates. So you need to help your puppy to get accustomed to the new place and get a good night sleep. Here are few points which would help you both sleeps at night without making a fuss and enjoying each others company.

Requirements for night sleep: You should make a check list of things needed by your puppy to have a comfortable sleep. A warm mat, a ticking clock with rhythmic sound, a puppy pillow and a blanket are few things you can add to the list.

Fix a Place:In the beginning choose a place for your puppy and set things for him there or if you like you can allow your puppy to choose a place but it takes training and time to let him make decision. Make sure to make him sleep on the designated place from the very first night. This will make puppy familiar to his place and he can have a good sleep.

Get a crate: If you want your puppy to sleep in a crate then add cushions to it to make it cozy for him to sleep and make arrangements to be sure about his safety at night. If he is not trained to sleep in crate you will have to put rewards in there or use some loving gesture to make him sleep in it. Correct him to not let him get any bad habit.

Exercise: Dogs are an active animal and needs workouts and exercise everyday. Know your breed as need of exercising per day depends upon the breed. It does not matter with size. A tired and exhausted dog needs good time for resting and may soon doze off to sleep.

Food: Dog gets their energy from their food which is different and the nutrition caters to their body needs. They get a lot of energy after eating. So try to feed him early at night. After night meals make him relieve himself. You can also take him for a brief walk in your lawn or in your locality before making him sleep.

Points to remember: Don’t allow the puppy to come into your bedroom uninvited and teach him with specific gesture or words to allow him to sleep with you in your bedroom. Don’t move him after he gets into sleep. Don’t make your dog sleep at day time or else he will be deprived of sleep at night. Make sure that your puppy is comfortable and this doesn’t mean you will stay all night up checking on him. Don’t panic and make both of you get good sleep. Always remember to be kind and patient with your puppy.

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