16 Jan


A puppy, especially 3-12 weeks old are more open to new changes and learn things than older one as they get cautious. Socialize means to gel in with your surroundings and people present their. You need to make sure that your puppy socializes with other people, their pets and others in surrounding. They might get frightened or react not accordingly. Be calm and train your dog to socialize. In the beginning your puppy may not get used to with the people in your surrounding and might jump or get frightened on petty things but eventually he will get used to the faces and society.

Importance of Socializing

Making your puppy socialized is necessary so that they don’t panic and react absurdly in front of your friends and relatives. It will be easier to take them out with you if he is comfortable with different surroundings. When they are well socialized they tend to enjoy with others company even and feel relax with people you are close with. If they are properly taught to socialize they won’t get aggressive, react on every sound or get stressed about. This would make you’re puppy and you come close to each other, enjoy each others company as well as enjoy with others company.

Need to Socialize

You need to make your puppy socialize because it won’t be troublesome thing to take him with you whenever you go out. Leaving them at home is not always a feasible option. Not socializing would make your puppy anxious and sometimes depressed.

How to Socialize

Start the socializing process by making him meet your friends and relatives at home. Meeting new people at home affects puppy differently than straight away going out and meeting people.

Teach him specific gestures and words to respond to in front of others and if he does follow reward him to encourage him. This will make the process easier. Try to correct your puppy if he growls or jump.

Make him feel comfortable by being by his side, but not constantly, while making him socializes with others.

Don’t get too loud or shout in front of him. This might disturb the puppy and make him aggressive even.

Take a step ahead and let him meet your friend’s dog and teach him to socialize with them. If he barks on seeing other dog makes him turn around and sit to make him calm down. It might take more than one or two meetings to make your pup fully acquainted with other’s pet.

Take him to puppy classes to interact with other puppies and their owner to socialize.

Enjoy the process throughout as you even tend to learn socializing with other pets and their owner.

Do remember to vaccinate your puppy before taking him out and making him socialize with your surrounding.

Keep your dog trainer’s number on your phone (may be in your speed dial even) to call in case of urgent times when puppy is not able to calm down.

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